Women in Governance’s President Caroline Codsi Speaking at the World Affairs Conference in Toronto

Nouvelles Le 5 février 2018

Toronto, February 2, 2018 – Toronto-based Upper Canada College (UCC), an all-boys college composed of 15 to 18-year-old boys, invited Caroline Codsi, President and Founder of Women in Governance, to speak on the “Changing Face of Feminism” at its annual UCC World Affairs Conference.

The World Affairs Conference (WAC) is Canada’s oldest annual student-run current affairs conference. Held at Upper Canada College in Toronto, the World Affairs Conference connects over 1000 students from across North America who share a common interest in current affairs. WAC 2018’s theme is Paradigm Shifts: how have the axioms of society changed, and how will they change in the future.

Ms. Codsi’s participation in the conference will be an opportunity to make young people aware of the importance of gender equality and complementarity of talents and discuss the positive impact of diversity in all spheres of society. Among other topics, she discuss the true meaning of feminism (feminism is not a bad word), the early education of boys through non-sexist play, the role of boys and men in gender equality and why it is important for them to be surrounded by strong girls and women.

“I am absolutely honored to be invited to speak about The Changing Face of Feminism to 15-18-year-old boys. Congratulations to the organizers for recognizing the importance of educating boys about respect and gender equality,” stated Caroline Codsi, President and founder of Women in Governance.

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